iSouvlaki, a modern day Greek Grill, has been created with love for a true and
simple Greek eating experience. Using the best ingredients from local farms
we have put together a concise menu from Greek culture that’s been around
for thousands of years…

With family recipes and endless respect for the old ways, iSouvlaki is a
combination of healthy and satisfying that goes hand in hand with everyone’s
daily routine. We serve with gusto, respect, courtesy and appreciation for
every single guest that welcomes iSouvlaki into their day. We continue to
remind all of how important food truly is – bringing a family to a table, meeting
an old friend, refueling the body after an intense workout, or just simply
grabbing a bite. iSouvlaki is part of our busy lifestyles…

Serving healthy crave-able meals and providing a memorable guest
experiences is what iSouvlaki commits itself to bring to the table!

James Paloumbis